Dog Gone Presents: February 2014 Mix


There’s no doubt about it, folks. A cold, snowy winter is upon us. If you’re like me and you read the Old Farmer’s Almanac, you would have seen this coming. They predicted the whole thing. As you are surely aware, heavy snowfalls call for plentiful jams and loads of hot soup. Perhaps a tea and a Victoria sandwich too.

Enjoy this month’s mix.

Download: Dog Gone Presents: February 2014 Mix

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The Other Half – “What Can I Do For You” (1968)

Before sitting down to try out the excellent new King Noodle in Bushwick on Saturday night, I stumbled across the nondescript doorway of Heaven Street record shop in the basement of a nearby apartment building. It was here that I came across a reissue of The Other Half’s 1968 self titled featuring guitar wizard Randy Holden (later of Blue Cheer). Upon listening, two things immediately caught my attention–the degree to which “What Can I Do For You (First Half)” sounds like the Grateful Dead’s “Viola Lee Blues” and how much “What Can I Do For You (The Other Half)” reminds me of the groove on Ultimate Spinach’s “Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess.” A terrific garage-psych album that puts into full view the early greatness of Randy Holden, who apparently turned down a role in The Yardbirds to take on this gig. Seek out the LP, which was reissued in 2012 by Pilot Records.

The Other Half – “What Can I Do For You (First Half)”

The Other Half – “What Can I Do For You (The Other Half)”

Artist Feature: Alex Bleeker’s Mid-Summer Jams

Real Estate bassist Alex Bleeker, who is playing our show tonight at the Comfort Zone in Toronto with his band of freaks, has kindly shared a selection of jams that he’s currently been digging. His new album How Far Away is out now via Woodsist. Catch him tonight along with Moves and Bonnie Trash. 9PM.

Check out the full list of jams after the jump.
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NEW MUSIC: Invisible Familiars

ImageDuring my time living in New York, there were few musicians who I came across that personified the “occupation” more perfectly than Jared Samuel, alias Invisible Familiars. The former frontman of the now-defunct and greatly-missed Minerva Lions, as well as keyboardist/vocalist in Superhuman Happiness, Mr. Samuel has been busy the past several months working with artists including Yoko Ono while also writing songs aboard a house boat. We recently posted a video of him in the studio working on a new project, and today we can share the first full song from said project. Below you can hear “Heavenly, All,” featuring album producer Michael Leonhart, drummer Tim Kuhl as well as guitar virtuosos Grey Mcmurray and Nels Cline. 

Invisible Familiars – “Heavenly, All”

Erkin Koray – “Cemalim” (1974)

I’ve recently fallen in love with Turkish psychedelic rock. It started a few months back when I started getting into Mazhar ve Fuat and has continued into a full blown obsession with the genre’s godfather, Erkin Koray. Considered to be one of the first Turkish rock musicians, Koray blends traditional Turkish folk music with fuzzed-out riffs and guitar wizardry that combines the sounds of the east and west into otherworldly psychedelia.

“Cemalim” is a traditional Turkish folk song, originally recorded by Ürgüplü Refik Başaran in 1930 and covered by Koray on his second full-length album, Elektronik Türküler. The song, which translates to “My Cemal,” is about a martyr named Cemal (a common Turkish name). While many consider the self-titled Erkin Koray to be the Koray’s debut long player, the album was actually a collection of pre-recorded singles, thus making Elektronik Türküler (translation: Electric Ballads) his first true album. It was reissued in 2012 by Pharaway Sounds, so if you dig around you can likely find the LP.

Erkin Koray – “Cemalim”

Guest Mix: Future Myth


Jeffrey Silverstein, A.K.A. Future Myth, of Baltimore-based psych-rock band Secret Mountains was kind enough to put together this set of tunes for us. You can hear some tracks off Secret Mountains’ excellent debut album, Rainer, on their website or purchase the digi/cassette via Friends Records.

1. Allah Las – Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind) // 2. Woodsman – Beat The Heat // 3. Cate Le Bon – Burn Until The End // 4. Angel Olsen – In The Morning 5. // Seth Olinsky – World Of Difference // 6. Count Five – Mailman // 7. Michael Hurley – I’m Worried, I’m Worried // 8. Lee Hazelwood – No Train To Stockholm // 9. The Men – I Saw Her Face // 10. Wisdom Tooth – Foul Fellow Fox // 11. White Fence – I’ll Follow You // 12. Six Organs Of Admittance – Home // 13. Chad Van Gaalen – Peace On The Rise // 14. Luke Roberts – His Song // 15. Moby Grape – Hey Grandma // 16. Ozark Mountain Daredevils – Keep On Churnin’ // 17. Eternal Tapestry – Cosmic Dream // 18. Matthew E. White – I’ll Be Home (Randy Newman) // 19. Merle Haggard – California Blues

Download individual tracks.

Yellowbirds – ‘Across The Whipplewash’ (Original Soundtrack)


“Across The Whipplewash” is the film scoring debut of Sam Cohen and his Brooklyn based project Yellowbirds. Recorded in early 2013 for the eponymously titled film by Josh and Caitlin Drake, the score showcases Cohen’s Texas roots with expansive mood settings and penchant for blending psychedelia with Western tones and melody. Listen to the soundtrack below and watch the film here.

Purchase the soundtrack via Bandcamp.

Video: Ducktails – “Under Cover”

Sorry Matt. Photo by Brian Stollery.

Sorry Matt. Photo by Brian Stollery.

Real Estate guitarist Matt Mondanile returns to his childhood neighborhood of Ridgewood, NJ in the video for “Under Cover,” featured on his latest album The Flower Lane. Our sources tell us that Mr. Mondanile is currently taking some time away from Brooklyn to work on more solo recordings and revisit his sense of boyish wonderment. Members of the extended Real Estate family appear in the video, which seems like a rational cost-saving decision on their part. The Felt connection is more prominent than ever on this one.

Dog Gone Presents: The Auras // Tess Parks & The Good People @ Parts & Labour // July 17


Friends of the North! We’re psyched to announce the details of our next Toronto show. On July 9, we’ll be hosting Toronto shoegazy-psychsters The Auras along with Tess Parks & The Good People at the Shop at Parts and Labour—-a great subterranean spot with good sound and a wide selection of drinks/grub taboot.

Since returning to The Great North in March, we’ve discovered so much great music and these are two bands that we are most excited to share with you. It also just so happens that a certain Vermont Quartet will be in town that evening, so we welcome those attending that show to come after it’s over as we’ll be getting started rather late.

We’re giving away a number of tickets to DGB readers so tuned for contest details! Thanks to Justin Gabbard for the beautiful poster design.


The Auras – “Desert Dream”

Tess Parks & The Good People – “Life Is But A Dream”